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Internet/Intranet Web Experience


Immersi can program from scratch, or modify existing structures. We prefer to code sites using the Open Source tools. This would imply a Linux Platform, Apache Webserver, MySQL Database, and PHP. We can also work with the same based on a Windows platform, with servers utilizing ASP, or even ColdFusion servers. We, of course, are fluent in HTML and CSS.

As far as hosting is concerned, we have sorted through dozens of web hosts and we believe to have found the most capable, consistent, and least expensive web host on this planet. We work with them to make certain that the features are mostly automated and the ones which are not, are easly accomplished with little to no knowledge of web sorcery on the part of our clients. There are many benefits to hosting your website offsite. We can help you realize them if you like. Just inquire!

Branding and Marketing often gets thrown in with the "Web" tasks. We are capable of producing a comprehensive branding package for you and your business. In the event that you choose a specific artistic marketing genre that we can not supply for you from in-house, we have an expansive network of graphics artists in which we can connect you to direct. This will insure that what you invision can get accurately represented in the media, with a flavor which best suites your tastes, in a direction that caters best to your goals, with a look that nails your vision.

Experience Taste Test Samples

Local Business Case #1

A new business contacted Immersi to help in formulating the website that would help them grow to their next revision as a company, and as their web technology. The branding input was fun, and helping train the employees on the ways of updating and augmenting the site was a blast. Needless to say, the completed work was both breathtaking and rewarding. We hope the best to this new business and all that they endeavor! We look forward to providing other design services for them in the future.

Local Business Case #2

A long term client contacted Immersi Solutions for assistance and management of their web presence. The scope was immense. The site was to be constructed with open source applications and languages, built with constant content revision in mind, dynamic coding for rotating font page content and images, motion testimonials, with newsletter subscriber tracking, eCommerce, chat, forum, and many other functions.

The most difficult of the endeavors was guiding in the realms of branding. Second most difficult was the pursuit of a layout that best represented the multifaceted approach that Courageous Leadership had to their markets. There is no job more difficult than representing a client that produces intangible product. We were able to make the best approximation for the time, money, and content. We are looking forward to future revisions and enhancements with this clients web space

Local Business Case #3

A local product design group contacted Immersi Solutions for assistance in the redesign and implementation of their web makeover. The site was to be constructed using the ASP language, and be done using transparencies with random, but related, background images. The design group had a resident graphics artist, and they decided that they would rather approach the web with images, rather than text, as that was far more comfortable for the onsite individual, than coding. The key was ease of maintenance, and overall graphical consistency across all browsers.

The most challenging of the endeavors was accepting the fact that the web site would be all imaged based, with no text... The second most difficult was training some of the more popular browsers to handle the multiple layer approach. Using ASP to program was somewhat similar to the PHP language that we prefer. The end result was an impressive and polished graphical marketing approach to the web, which suited the needs of the design group, and those who would maintenance the site. The site received wonderful reviews from their current clients, and continues to grab the attention of prospective clients