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Medical is a great field for showcasing design abilities and critical thinking. However, it is one of the more difficult realms to get permission to show physical properties of what we have done. However, we have yet to be involved in another design market where people are more open to new ideas and processes. We wish we could share more of what we have done in the World of medicine, as it is one of our more successful design outlets.

Why are we so successful in working with the medical professionals, you ask? Perhaps we can easily associate with the World of medicine due to our weird hobbies -- the the catastrophic results thereof!?! Despite the amount of time we spend getting repaired by the medical professionals, more of our experience in the field has come simply due to the fact have found a unique way of cross pollinating the various worlds of technology with the current worlds of medicine that allows for creative and efficient solutions for better assisting those in need of medical attention. Even MORE intersting is the devices we have helped to create, that reduce the stress and time required by medical personnel! Helping the medical professionals do their job effectively and efficiently is paramount for saving lives and reducing costs!