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Human Resources!

A little bit about how all of this started...

This facet of Immersi was founded by a human resources professional who recognized the need of many small businesses who can not staff a full-time HR department but still need to remain in compliance with the law. We exist to provide the services you need when you need them and have proven experience in everything from hiring to job fairs to safety programs. We realize that your time needs to be spent keeping your business running smoothly. We understand that often you simply do not have the necessary time it takes to perform all of the personnel tasks that keep your people moving forward and your company compliant with ever-changing personnel laws. Instead of allowing your HR functions to slip into last place and thus potentially risking government fines, allow us to be your partner in successfully running your business.

When you hire us to help with your HR functions, you are getting a professional dedicated to the success of your employees, and therefore your business. Most work is completed from our office, so there is no need for any additional set-up cost on your part. You can retain the money you would have spent on hiring and instead use it to grow your company.

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In today's economy, with so few open positions and so many qualified workers seeking employment, you must present yourself excellently from the very first time the company sees your resume. With our proven experience, we can help you create or revise your resume in order to target the things that your next potential employer's HR department will be looking to see. We can help with creating your resume for a specific position or a wide range of opportunities, depending on your situation. Please email or call to find out more information.


Do you need more employees but lack the time to carefully review each of the 100+ applications that are submitted for your open position? We can screen the applications that you receive based on the criteria that you establish, thus providing you with a much more concise group of paperwork that you have the time to look over.

Are you interested in representing your company and collecting applications from a large pool of employees eager to work at one place? Let us represent you at a job fair of your choice. We will work with you to prepare materials, use your applications (or create one for you if you prefer) and professionally show your company to potential applicants.

Does your company require applicants meet certain background criteria? We can even conduct reference checks, verify an applicant's legal right to work in the United States and check criminal, credit and driving record history.


In many places of business, orientation is conducted by plant managers whose time is best served managing the plant, instead of hosting a new employee orientation. We can represent you at your new employee orientation. We can explain all necessary paperwork, answer benefits questions and guide employees through your personnel and safety handbook. We will also work with you to design an orientation procedure that fits your company and culture.

We can also conduct your safety orientations for you. Please see the .Safety. section for more information.


Benefits are one of the most important pieces potential employees use when deciding whether or not to join your company. Whether you are looking for someone to administer your company's benefits or provide a thorough comparison of your current versus potential benefit offerings, we can help. Using our extensive employee benefit knowledge, we can be the ones to explain your benefit programs to your employees and answer any questions they have, so they can take full advantage of these perks you've provided them. We can also process employee changes with your benefits vendors, including everything from enrollment and changes in address or beneficiaries to terminations. We can help design paid time off or insurance plan features. You can feel confident coming to us with any benefit issues or questions!

BookKeeping & Record Keeping

Did you know that many government agencies require you to keep certain records and file them with the appropriate agency? We can take care of this additional burden for you. We can also provide payroll and benefits bookkeeping services, giving you one less responsibility to file paperwork and more time to keep your business running successfully.

Employee Satisfaction

Currently the cost of replacing one manager in your company is estimated to be 150% of that person's annual salary. The same study places the cost of replacing a temporary worker at 39% of his or her annual salary.

Why is that number so high? Some of the most apparent reasons are:

  • Time to review resumes
  • Time to interview candidates
  • Interview expenses for candidates
  • Possible travel expenses for new hire or recruiter
  • Possible relocation expenses for new hire
  • Additional bookkeeping; payroll, 401k, etc.
  • Additional record keeping for government agencies
  • Increased unemployment insurance costs
  • Intellectual property lost
  • Corporate history lost

In today's economy, many business simply do not have the resources to spend this type of money on every new hire. Let us help keep your employees in your company and cut the costs for hiring new employees. We can conduct employee satisfaction surveys and provide management with anonymous results. We will customize a plan to fit your company, represent you so employees have no reason to be intimidate or any less than honest, and communicate with you every step of the way.


We can customize a training program to fit your needs. Whether it's training management to relate to employees more effectively or training your entire company on proper safety procedures, we offer it. We can also design custom payroll-stuffers to reinforce training points and signs to remind employees of what they learned.


Are you concerned about a potential MIOSHA inspection or just want to make sure that your employees are receiving the best of the best? We can conduct an on-site audit for you in any one of a variety of fields. We can set it up as a "surprise" audit, so you get an accurate picture of the day-to-day running pattern of your shop, or we can conduct the audit at a time that fits your busy schedule. We can also provide educational services for your team on the things that went wrong and why.


Many small businesses that are pressed for time allow a safety program to fall to the back burner. Not only is this not a "best practice" for your employees, it puts you in a situation to be penalized with some hefty OSHA or MIOSHA fines. We can revitalize your safety program. We will do everything from creating an employer safety manual to an easy-to-understand employee safety handbook. We can organize a safety committee and facilitate meetings. We will also communicate the importance of safety with your employees, so that they make safety an everyday working habit. Instead of spending your precious time learning all the rules and regulations, let us be your company's safety expert and help bring you quickly into compliance.

Exit Interviews

Companies that struggle with high turnover rates are often stuck in a rut, not knowing how to reverse this damaging trend. We can design exit interviews specific to your company's procedures and provide analysis of the main issues we hear from employees. This will help identify the root causes of employee unhappiness so you can stop spending so much money on hiring and build a dedicated core team for your business.