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Immersi Solutions - The Bigger Picture

Dive In. Dig Out. Build Up.

Immersi is a Holland, Michigan based consulting group with a focus on innovative solutions for product design, marketing, branding, and manufacturing/production challenges. Immersi exists to enhance and ease the experience of the client and their group as a whole. In the past, the connotation of a consultant was one that eliminated jobs with new methods and devices. This is not the goal! Our objective is to help our clients increase in long-term capacity, thereby creating more opportunities for expansion, cultivating long-lasting relationships, while crafting solutions for short-term challenges.

We are consultants because existing as consultants allows us to preserve our unique identity while providing cross-training in different fields. These characteristics provide for a refreshing and unique perspective to challenges encountered as an Immersi Group consultant. We encourage any of our consultants to consider employment at any of our clients, if it provides additional value for their lives.

The goal of Immersi is to work with the professional communities to build a complete, and general purpose network of professionals for ready deployment in project scenarios requiring intense attention, and both innovative thought and process.

What's In A Name?

The name, immersi, is a latin root. Similar to our word, immerse, or immersion. The gist of the root is defined as to "fully experience or understand." Is that not the goal of every solutions provider? To deep dive into the client's world and immerse themselves and understand the past, present, and future of the challenge, and form the best solution to provide the most value? We believe that is the case, and it is how we approach every opportunity.

Helping our clients get to new levels...

Often, we are able to help our clients achieve a new level of performance, but it's not often that it allows them to achieve a new Guinness World Record. Here was the results of some of our efforts to raise the bar and spur AMD enthusiasts to achieve greater things in the future with their own AMD product.

Of course, click at your own risk as there is a huge dosage of nerdiness in this particular project.


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