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Automotive - Transportation - the first love.

Many Immersi consultants cut their teeth in automotive. As a matter of fact, there are countless parts designed or manufactured by the members of the Immersi group, that are on the roads today. GM, Ford, Chrysler, AM General, Diamler, and VW.

The products we have helped to design include, but are not limited to, complete overhead systems, visors, overhead consoles, grab handles, floor consoles, electronics enclosures, interior storage compartments, and trim panels. Some less than visible items include isolation and insulative panels for sound and heat reduction. The bottom line is, if you have ridden in a plane, train, bus, or car -- we've probably had our hand in the design of at least one of the components you have come in contact with!

Not only have we been involved in the design of the actual product, but also the analysis of other designs to ensure the function, form, fit, or safety aspects of the design. From simple to complex hand calculations, and linear and non-linear FEA, we've been there!

Do you have a unique challenge, that requires a unique approach? If so, give us a chance help you out!