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Dive in. Dig Out. Build Up... and download?!?

If you are here, you've either stumbled accross it by accident, or you have been told to come here to pick up your files. In the case you were told to come here, then you also have other assorted information like username and password to get those files...

Otherwise, you're out of luck. If you were told to come here, and you do not have sign in information then you should relentlessly beat the Immersi associate that told you to come here without giving you the appropriate information.

These are the directories for clients who are currently setup to download and upload files to Immersi. If you are a client, without this advantage, and would like to have this capability, feel free to let us know, and you will be quickly added

Download Directories

Due to the techonology sensitive nature of some of the work we now do, we have decided to be proactive and remove our download listing. DO NOT FEAR!!! The downloads still exist, and you will be linked to them by your Immersi Solutions contact.

Please also note that the customer areas will also still be password protected and you will need your same login information that you used before, in addition to the links provided.