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Questions Commonly Asked

    What does Immersi mean?

    Immersi is a latin word and/or root. Similar words in English are Immersion or Immerse. The intent, or definition, of the word is to understand fully, embrace, to fully experience. We decided to select that word to symbolize how a person should all facets of life... Work, home, play, education, etc.

    What is the deal with the logo?

    The logo was designed by us here at Immersi. The dark figure is both a person and the letter "I." The figure's head also doubles as the same shape that "dots" the other "I's" for the word immersi. The figure was designed to symbolize Immersi and the willingness to jump in to the experience, situation, and -- in some cases -- the unknown. The are many more symbolic features, but those are the most significant. The logo is to symbolize the deeper the dive, the deeper the understanding. The deeper the understanding, the more comprehensive the solution. Here is a draft of the logo during the early stages of design.

    And just what does the slogan mean?

    The "slogan" is based on the rule belief that the proper solution involves a "dive in" to the problem, to fully understand the scenario. Once the scenario is understood, there is often the situation where a proper solution involves the extraction of the system that creates the problem. The extraction, or removal, is the "dig out" process. When you remove the issue, you then have to properly "build up" a structure to support and integrate into the surrounding system... Without following those three basic steps, a consultant is doing their customer a disservice.

    I've seen Immersi name with other things than SOLUTIONS? What gives?!?

    Immersi does all types of solutions... So, it would not be unusual to see WEB DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCT DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, MARKETING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, CONSULTING, FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS and a number of other things. Some people do not make the link to the fact that "SOLUTIONS" could apply to their web, product, manufacturing, marketing, project, or consulting problems. So, it is sometimes necessary to apply the proper term in certain applications.

    What equipment does Immersi use, and software?

    Immersi prefers to utilize open source software whenever possible. It keeps costs down for our clients. When an application is not available in open source form, or when required by our clients, we will use retail software as well. For design, we have used several packages including ProEngineer, but we prefer SolidWorks software. For FEA, we utilize the COSMOS/Simulation analysis suite. For CNC programming, we utilize SoldCAM. For industrial design and concept development, we use a variety of methods. One of the more widely accepted methods is the WACOM tablet with Corel or AutoDesk software. As far as systems go, we have a few "rip snort'n" laptop systems, several "screaming" desktops, and one "heavy duty" dual processor, multiple-core, server.... and a few tablets for good measure. We have more more stuff, but that should be enough to lull most to sleep.

    How do you interface with your customer?

    Immersi maintains mostly local customers. We often have meetings at the client's place of business or our shared office location. Several of our customers are far from being local and we use technology to close the gaps in distance by video conferencing as well as utilizing on on-line project tracking system to keep things on schedule and under budget.